"People Make the Difference"




Thank you for your interest in our educational center. We, at JB’s Hair Design and Barber College have long recognized the need for a professional outlook concerning the education of today’s barbers and hairstylists. JB’s Hair Design and Barber College was founded by Jubarko and Anauta Gaines. JB is the owner of two Barber and Hair Salons in central Oklahoma City, and has several years of experience in the Hair Design, Education, and Barber industry.


Philosophy and Mission
JB’s Hair Design and Barber College is a modern, high quality technical school dedicated to providing consistent and impeccable educational opportunities for all individuals interested in the barber/stylist career field.

We believe that “People Make the Difference”.

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The cornerstone of the college is customer satisfaction by offering quality training, which in turn will render excellent service. Our school will provide an enjoyable, family-friendly atmosphere with satisfying prices. We will maintain a professional, creative, and fun environment conducive to optimal learning that will respect individuality and hard work.














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